Day 1 – hills and some realities

I knew this was going to be tough. I knew that going in. I trained as much as I could.

But nothing prepared me for today. My stats don’t look bad. 70 miles travelled and 4,600ft climbed and I set off from Lands End feeling in good form.

Here’s a video from the beach.

The truth is though, 70 miles in it was me done. Dead on my feet by the second break. The hills were unrelenting and despite keeping up with the pace I had no more in me.

I’ve spent the last couple of hours making sure everything is ready for the guys when they arrived currently they’re still out on the road after some awful luck with closed roads and lack of signal.

I’m incredibly proud of them. That perseverance is incredible, particularly after such a tough first day in the saddle.

I’ll get back on and go again in the morning but this has never been about me – it’s about supporting my brother Dan in something that means so much to him.

I hope you understand.


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