Days 2 to 4 – taking in the south and making it to Manchester

Sorry for the lack of updates. It’s been testing don’t get me wrong, but Saturday nights accommodation lacked any signal, let alone wifi for any sort of update, which is quite honestly a disaster.

So without further ado:

Day 2 – 119 miles

Saturday was a funny one. The guys managed to set off albeit a little late but we’re off course and ended up going almost directly north to South Molton in Devon. This was a bit of an issue because it meant that the second leg would involve a 40 mile trip on the correct route.

The photo above is from day 1 but I forgot to use it – we were charged by a herd of cows..

I joined the third leg of the day, it was a relatively flat trip from Taunton Morrisons – our UK tour of supermarket car parks continues – to Bristol via Weston-super-Mare and was pretty good. Really helped me get my mind back on the game. The evening finish was another late one but these will improve.

Day 3 – 96 miles

Turned out to be my first full day in the saddle. The little demons telling me I couldn’t/can’t/don’t want to do it took a bit of pasting.

It took just about everything I had, particularly when we arrived for lunch in Hereford. 

I was ready to finish, I ached everywhere. I was emotionally and physically exhausted but I was persuaded to continue by a couple of people – you know who you are. 

There were certainly a few tears but then suddenly, that thing you see in movies where a ‘thing’ happens to galvanise a team happened. Basically it utterly pissed it down on the final stretch to Much Wenlock YHA. The lightening was pretty spectacular and took out a few trees on our route.

We continued, we survived and here’s me and Dan at the top of a decent view before our ascent to the Hogwarts/Middleofeffing knowhere YHA.

Day 4 – 89 miles

Today has been a good day. We worked incredibly hard. Left at a decent hour and arrived in Manchester pretty much bang on 5.

It was largely a flat day thanks to some epic re-mapping from Jimmy and Grant and we made excellent time doing around 90 miles.

It’s been great to get it all done today and arrive with enough time to relax. 

I managed the full day again. It was largely pain free thanks to Ibuprofen, think I’ll be going to see someone again about my back when we finish though! There were a few demons early on, but when we managed to get everyone together working in tandem it flew by.

It did rain heavily on the way in to Manchester which spoilt things a bit, it looked pretty dreary. But here we are, all done and ready for day 5. See you tomorrow!

Oh, and I’ve pretty much stopped using Bambuser now, any videos are being done on periscope so look out tomcanning83 on there or follow me on Twitter @tomcanning83

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