Day 5.5 – Hold tight lad, and thing of Lancashire hot pot

Thought I’d share a quick interlude given I’m taking an enforced break from proceedings due to mechanical failure.


A very early morning in Manc. Tea at 6am.
Sat in a lovely Sainsbury’s car park in sunny Lancaster – which if the weather follows the pattern of the last few days means it’s going to hammer it down on a couple of hours.

Managed wrench my bike chain about a mile after leaving the Manchester hostel which meant the approx 25 mile trip to Leyland was spent in middle gears as any time I went highest or lowest the chain fell off. This made extra effort to peddling and with the added annoyance of a great ‘clunk’ as the gear went up or down every turn and a half.


Bike fixing at Bill Nicksons Cycles in Leyland
Bearable but when your slogging up a bit of a hill you don’t need your bike to suddenly shift into a high gear by itself!

What’s good is I was annoyed is need to stop. Thankfully it made sense as a couple of the other guys needed some work done but as I’ve already missed a few miles they went first and cracked on.

The first session today went pretty quick. Manchester up past Leigh and Bolton – saw the ground on our right – and into Chorley before winding up at Leyland. It could just be the sun, but we’ve passed a couple of decent looking birds towns and villages en route today. And Lancaster is looking pretty nice. At least from the bit I can see around Sainsbury’s car park.

On the plus side, looks like I’ll finally have dry feet after 2 days of sogginess, so equipment 0, dry toes 1.

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