Football jaunts: Sutton Coldfield Town

A rare football post on a football blog. Work brings me to Fort Dunlop on the outskirts of Birmingham and the opportunity to get out and watch a random game.

My google search of ‘football clubs’ picked out Sutton Coldfield Town, who coincidentally had a home game with Hugh Boneville’s Grantham Town.

I’m sure they’re tired of Downton Abbey jokes (I’m not), but it’s the first time I’ve been away for work this season and the Holiday Inn Express isn’t doing much to hold my interest. 


Coles Lane, home of the Royals – they’ve got their own ale – is the scene of one of Bracknell’s many great escapes of the noughties.

I wasn’t there, what with taking a sabbatical in Sydney (not prison) but we needed a result here if things didn’t go our well in other games on the final day of the 04/05 Southern League Div 1 South season.

Thankfully, results did go elsewhere because we lost here. I’m pretty sure it was 3-2, but all I remember was taking the call, steaming drunk in a Sydney nightclub, that we were safe.

Glory days.


So on to tonight. It’s quiet so far here. Crowd can’t be more than 60 so far (7.40). They play on 3G though.

It looks really smart I must admit. I’ve never seen a competitive game on it so this will be interesting.

I’ll be back at full time..

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